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The Avan Charlotte – A Pre-loved Van Tale

Embark on new adventures in this charming 2007 Avan Charlotte MKII. This beauty is your ticket to family fun-filled holidays, offering nothing but comfort wherever the road may take you. 

With its nostalgic allure and classic interior design, it’s easy to imagine the memories it could make and unforgettable journeys it could take you on. 

Let’s take a closer look…

Inside the Charlotte, you’ll find a functional layout including twin bunks as you enter the van, located next to the family L-shape lounge which conveniently transforms into another bed if needed. 

The comfortable seating and ample storage space within the van leads you to the sizeable kitchen complete with a cooktop and grill, along with a microwave and sink. So, whether you’re relaxing after a long day of exploring or preparing meals for your loved ones – this van has you covered.

The relaxation doesn’t stop here, along with the large double bed at the tail end of the van for Mum & Dad, there is also a Dometic awning outside to take a seat under. The opportunities to ‘wind-down’ are endless. 

At an attractive price of just $27,500, the Avan Charlotte offers exceptional value for money. It’s built to last and designed to withstand a family calling it home – expect it to provide years of reliability. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a cross-country road trip, the Avan Charlotte is up to the task. It’s small 17ft size makes it easy to maneuver while its comfortable additions (such as air conditioning and a fridge) ensure a pleasant travel experience. 

So if you’re in the market for a caravan that combines comfort, convenience and affordability, look no further than the 2007 Avan Charlotte MKII. With it’s compact design, easy towing capabilities, functional layout and high comfort levels – this van is the perfect companion for your next adventure.

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