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Weigh To Go


Make sure your caravan set-up is road-legal before your next trip.

Our Services

Weigh to Go

Weigh your caravan and ensure it complies with road-safety regulations

Hayman Reese Towbars

Installation of these renowned Australian made towbars

Weight Distribution Hitches

Ensures the transfer of rear axle weight back onto the front wheels- aiding in helping braking, steering and sway control.

Safety Dave Camera Systems

We cover full installation of complete monitor and camera systems on cars and caravans or replacement of singular components

Electronic Sway Control

We are authorised and accredited installers for Tuson and Dexter sway control units

Witi Alarm Systems

Ensure the safety of your van from theft with a Witi alarm systems available with GPS tracking

Dust Reduction Systems

Reduce the amount of dust and pollens that enters your caravan whilst travelling

Electric Brakes

Installation of Redarc Towpro V3 which is compulsory for any towing over 750kg

Vehicle 12 Volt Solutions

Anderson plug solutions to charge batteries in vans or charging solutions to run fridges whilst driving

What is weigh to Go?

Weigh to Go is our weighing and compliance service where we weigh your Caravan, tow vehicle (or both) to make sure that they comply with road-safety-regulations and is safe to drive.

Towing a caravan is more complicated than it looks. There are a lot of different aspects that need to be considered and a lot of calculations to be made – It can be quite the hassle.

Let us take the weight off your shoulders so you can get back on the road with a peace of mind!

how does it work?

A step-by-step guide


Our experienced team of technicians weigh your Caravan and vehicle for you.


If it’s legal: You’re all set and good to go!


If there is a problem: They explain the issue and how to fix it.


To make it easy for you: Our caravan repair and service team carry out any modification or adjustment required (if you so choose).


Once your Caravan is set up, you can leave with a peace of mind knowing you’re driving safe!

Why weigh to go is the way to go

Towing a caravan that is overweight is like playing Russian Roulette on the highway.

It is definitely illegal, a terrible idea, and it can be very costly!

If your Caravan is overweight, you can:

Face fines up to $1,500
Lose up to 3 demerit points off your license
Have your insurance claim rejected
In case of accident, face legal charges

get your caravan COMPLIANT before your next trip!

Avoid fines. Stay safe.

Book your appointment with our expert, Mark, today!

* Please note that bookings are essential.

Frequently asked questions

If your Caravan is overweight, it is not legal to drive. If you are pulled over by police and checked at a mobile weigh station, you can receive fines of up to $1,500, lose points off your license, and worse yet: your caravan or trailer could tip over and cause an accident. In case of injury or death, legal charges may follow.

Getting your caravan weighed with Weigh to Go costs $110 AUD. That includes the service + a full report on whether your caravan is road legal or not and what you need to do next. Of course, our expert advice is also included for free!

If your caravan is overweight and you’re involved in an accident, your insurance claim can be rejected. Save yourself the headache and get weighed before you get on the road to make sure your caravan is within the limit. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Weight distribution distributes the total weight of the trailer, including cargo, fuel and anything else in the truck, to the vehicle’s and trailer’s axles, relieving the vehicle’s bumper for increased safety and maneuverability. It’s important for the balance of your caravan and vehicle that your weight is distributed properly. If not, your entire vehicle is at risk of tipping over and causing an accident.

The weight that your vehicle is allowed to tow can usually be found in the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions manual. However, it’s not always that simple. Modifications, additions, and other work done to your Caravan or vehicle can affect how much strain it can handle while still remaining safe to drive.

Tare Mass = The mass of your caravan or vehicle with nothing in it.

GCM = Gross Combined Mass. The combined maximum gross mass of your Caravan or vehicle.

GVM = Gross Vehicle Mass. The limit of weight that your car can support, including the car, passengers, and tow ball mass. This is set by the manufacturer and is illegal to exceed.

GTM = Gross Trailer Mass. The limit of the weight your Caravan can support, excluding the weight supported by the tow bar or the jockey wheel.

ATM = Aggregate Trailer Mass. The measurement calculated by adding the Tare Mass of your Caravan to its maximum payload. This rating is set by the manufacturer and is illegal to exceed.

There are many factors that weigh into whether your setup is road legal or not. If you are unsure, it is better to find out. Get it touch and book a time to get tested by us before your next big adventure!